Have you ever harmonized your barbecue with cachaça?

Beers are a popular drink at any barbecue, regardless of the country that traditionally has a BBQ culture. And we will dedicate a special edition in the future just to talk about this drink.

However, In this issue we will talk about cachaça, a typical Brazilian distilled spirit that is also very famous at barbecues as it stimulates the appetite and harmonizes with various types of meat. Not to mention the combinations that his traditional Brazilian distilled spirit can create: caipirinhas, cocktails, etc. Some even use it to season meats, fishes, chicken, etc.

But, there are more than just that which makes this drink so special. Originating over 500 years ago from sugar cane, cachaça generally has a high alcohol content and brings a lot of history along with its labels, which can certainly lead to a good conversation during a barbecue.

And speaking of labels some are as expensive as the best whiskies or vodkas in the world, just to be on the same level of comparison as high alcoholic drinks. Others are so traditional that they have become icons, either because of their unique flavor, or because they carry a history that has been passed down through several generations.

For a long time cachaça was an eminently masculine drink, both because of its high alcohol content and the places where it was sold. However, this has started to change in recent years and women have even become protagonists in the creation of new labels, combining know-how with the intense and strong flavor of this drink, with the delicacy of the feminine world.


The incredible story of Alzira, a 100-year-old lady, recently completed, is also surprising for having originated the brand of a premium cachaça that three women with different histories and origins decided to create. One of them Alzira herself.

Of these women, one is a chef, a former student of the Cordon Bleu in Paris, who runs her own restaurant with her husband, one is a food scientist, and Alzira herself, who undeniably brings a lot of professional and life experience. It is difficult even to tell the origin of this story that brought them together, but the truth is that it is a story that surprises by its content, its flavor, and by the irreverence of their distillery

It’s no wonder that cachaças and stories like this can harmonize so well with barbecue. During these events, barbecue lovers celebrate good food and unique drinks around the charcoal, in meetings that become unforgettable. Indeed, BBQ served with cachaça has become an exquisite combination.

Ecotok enjoys harmonizing barbecue with typical drinks from around the world, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Cheers!


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