The charcoal for whom appreciates a good barbecue.

Ecotok stays lit with the heat of the ember in high temperature, for approximately 3 hours and a half, guaranteeing superior performance with less amount required of regular charcoals.

100% natural

Charcoal made from 100% coconut shell, which is a renewable and non-polluting raw material.


It does not produce any substantial smoke, just a little when the food is being cooked.


Occupies 1/3 of the space taken by regular charcoals. Best storage and transportation. 

No flames

The meat is grilled on high temperature ember heat, which guarantees great quality in the meat flavor.


To guarantee a perfect barbecue, do not use alcohol or any other flammable liquid, as Ecotok has low moisture and only requires contact with fire. See next how easy is by using the stainless steel container for charcoal or fire starter.

Stainless steel container for charcoal

Easy to use: Fill the container with Ecotok, light on high heat for up to 7 minutes. Meanwhile, put an amount of Ecotok on the barbecue, enough to cook the food. Complete the barbecue with the pre-heated charcoal, which should already be piping hot.

Fire Starter

Preferably use natural ones as they are odorless, eco-sustainable and stay on up to 7 minutes, which is long enough to light Ecotok charcoal, straight into your barbecue.



Products to keep you warmed in winter.

Wood briquettes

Wood briquettes

To be used in your fireplace, it fits well with the habit of heating with fire during the winter, with more quality and sustainability. It is produced with reforestation wood.

Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

Practical and efficient, it can be used in all types of residential greenhouses pellet, producing uniform heating, high performance and low cost.

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