Coconut Shell Charcoal?

Yes, you read it right. The coconut shell, or rather the biomass¹ from it, can produce a product of superior quality to traditional charcoal, with an enormous advantage to the environment: it is not necessary to cut down any tree to produce it.

In the case of Ecotok brand, the charcoal is produced with 100% coconut shell through a process that makes it a premium product. And of course eco-friendly.

But the advantages of coconut shell charcoal do not stop there. See below what you, a grill or steakhouse owner, or a BBQ lover, can gain by using Ecotok.

More trees preserved thanks to Ecotok.


1. Economical: You will only need 2/3 of the usual amount of traditional charcoal to produce your grills.

2. Long duration: It is more than 3h30 in high temperature, allowing to roast quickly and keeping the juice of the meat and the original flavor of vegetables or fruits.

3. Efficient: It roasts at high temperature without producing flames and therefore does not burn the food, avoiding the money loss with waste of meat, vegetables, seafood and even grilled fruits.

4. Healthy: Does not produce too much smoke, avoiding the carbonisation of food.

5. Odorless: The only smell you will feel is the food being grilled.

6. Clean: Approximately 3% of ash is produced when it is burned.

7. Eco-friendly: 100% coconut shell, avoiding deforestation, one of the biggest villains of global warming.

8. Practical: Its compact packaging is more efficient, requiring only 1/3 of the usual storage space.

9. Different: Its cubic form allows a better use of space in your barbecue; more people enjoying the barbecue with less charcoal.

10. Flameless: The meat is grilled on high temperature ember heat, which guarantees great quality in the meat flavor.

¹Biomass: One of the advantages of biomass compared to regular fossil fuels, for instance, is that it is renewed in the short term, unlike oil and natural gas which require millions of years to be renewed. Recycling coconut shell is a reliable example of biomass as well.


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