A Lifelong Alliance

The year 2019 was an important milestone for Ecotok and the Juruá Institute, which joined forces for a common purpose: to preserve life. Since its creation, the Ecotok brand has aimed to go beyond an eco friendly product. The brand wanted to support something that would make a real difference in the world: preserving plant life, animal life and the life of human beings. In the previous edition you have to know how Ecotok is produced.

Ecotok and Instituto Juruá
are allied to preserve
life in the Amazon.

What you did not know yet is that the Juruá Institute has been recognized and awarded by Rolex for having recovered the world’s largest freshwater fish from extinction: the Arapaima. With this, communities of men and women in the Amazon region of Juruá have secured their income through controlled fishing of the Arapaima. In addition, for this reason they help to keep the largest forest in the world alive.

So, where does Ecotok fit into this story? In practice, every time you buy an Ecotok box, part of the money goes to Instituto Juruá to keep this powerful Project in action.

Mock-up Ecotok charcoal
From product design to brand image, life comes first.


What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about BBQ? Certainly pleasant moments with friends, family and, of course, that unique smell of barbecue. Those who love BBQ, be it meat, vegetables or even desserts and fruits, know well what these good reminds leave in their memory.

When the brand was headlined ‘charcoal for life’, this is exactly what we are also talking about. After all, what matters are the good memories we keep of life, and what we can do to make it better for everyone, especially when it comes to the environment.


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