How about BBQ in winter

Did you know that for some consumers winter is not a problem to have BBQ? In Italy, for example, 75% of those who responded to the Idealo UK survey have barbecue in the coldest season (see chart below).

For lovers of a good grilled meat, fish, chicken or vegetables to have a BBQ is an opportunity to gather together friends and family being much more than just a meal. That is why it is not surprising that even during the winter they make their encounters around a barbecue.

To tell the truth, it is great to be with friends or family around a wintery barbecue, eating and talking. The warmth of the ember is quite inviting in winter, isn’t it?

So, don’t let the winter to stop you! Why not to start 2021 with a great BBQ celebration with family and friends? You may order Ecotok, coconut shell charcoal, eco-friendly and premium through marketplaces¹ in France.

Eventually, other European countries, including Italy, will be able to acquire Ecotok for your winter BBQ.

¹Soon we will disclose here the marketplaces for you to order Ecotok online in France. Please wait.

Source: Idealo

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