Reforestation and regenerative agriculture

The immediate need to reduce deforestation on our planet, one of the villains of the environment, sees in Reforestation and Regenerative Agriculture key allies to reverse the growth curve of global warming.

Nowadays, there are many robust projects around the world that treat reforestation as a way of capturing carbon from the atmosphere, like manufacturers of consumer package goods (CPG), Unilever and Nespresso, and even cosmetics companies such as the French L’Oreal and the English Lush.

The coconut tree and Ecotok help to reduce carbon emissions

In parallel, regenerative agriculture has played a crucial and innovative role in the way it captures carbon from the atmosphere, due to its easy understanding and implementation. In the award-winning documentary Kiss the ground there are successful examples of this agricultural modality, where even the ex-top model and environmental activist Gisele Bündchen stongly quotes: “Our health and the health of our planet are connected”.

Ecotok brand, whose charcoal is produced from 100% coconut shell, has a preponderant role on the purpose of attending the BBQ eco-friendly lovers, which worries more and more about their own health and the planet’s.

It is worth remembering that coconut biomass, Ecotok’s raw material, does not deforest due to its eco-friendly aspects, reducing carbon emissions and fitting to the expectations of ecologically responsible BBQ lovers.

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