BBQ in the apartment? Yes, it is possible. And without bothering the neighbors

It might not be an easy task to prepare a barbecue in your apartment. On one hand, the desire to enjoy a smoking meat flavor in the comfort of your home. On the other hand, the fear of bothering the neighbors and leaving one’s own house full of smoke.

But fortunately, there are ways to minimize the odor and the smoke by choosing well which grill, charcoal, and cuts of meat.


A good barbecue grill is just the start of a trouble-free barbecue indoors. Another important point is charcoal, like Ecotok made from 100% coconut shell: it is flameless, odourless, and moreover grills food faster.

Meat cuts must also be chosen wisely. Set aside long cooking options like ribs, for example. Or brisket, which has more fat. Since the idea is not to upset the neighbors, bet on pieces that are ready quickly and have less fat.

The problem is not the fat itself, but whether it is ‘free’ to drip onto the hot grill. That is, if the fat is streaky, like the ancho steak, there are no problems. However, cuts with fat layer, such as brisket, should be avoided. Flat iron and even beef or pork tenderloin are suggestions that suit you better, as well as chicken, fish, and soft vegetables cut into strips.

If you are a BBQ lover and won’t give up your grilled food, even in times of greater confinement and less crowding, you already know that barbecue and apartment can live together as good neighbors.

The portable model as well as Ecotok are great allies for BBQ lovers, who live in an apartment.

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