Restaurants, Gastronomy and the pandemic

Everyone knows that restaurants have been one of the hardest hit sectors worldwide since the start of the pandemic. There is no doubt that the situation is challenging, and that is why this issue is dedicated to this industry that makes us live unique moments. And that is having to reinvent itself and adapt in order to survive.

Like everything in life, creativity and flexibility end up being the ingredients for the competitive edge, and that is no different for the restaurant industry. Flexibility can be in this case acting through a delivery model, for example. Some restaurants, including starred ones, have had the versatility to offer their dishes through fast delivery, amid the impossibility of opening their doors. In Paris, Istanbul, New York, etc, there are good examples of renowned chefs who, without losing their status and reputation, adapted to delivery so as not to lose revenue and continue to serve their customers.


In challenging times it is important to think and act fast, to adapt, and to keep your customers satisfied. During the busiest hour in the kitchen, strategic decisions need to be made quickly to keep customers satisfied. Likewise, if you think from a strategic point of view, delivery ends up being a convenience model that can maintain or even increase revenues, without losing its charm.

For restaurants that don’t have the know-how or cash flow to invest in their own delivery platform, it is worth mentioning Tok to Go, which was awarded as one of the most creative companies by the renowned American magazine Fast Company. The platform has served restaurants in the four corners of the world, at the speed necessary to keep the service warm and consumers satisfied.

After all, restaurant industry is facing the same situation, and we know that until the chaos passes, a good dose of boldness and flexibility are strategic ingredients to give the touch that restaurants need, without leaving their customers waiting at the table. Or rather, at home. At least until the current situation has gone.

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The cloche used to serve
the dishes on the restaurant
tables was adapted to the
delivery, so as not to lose


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