Vegetarian BBQ: It can be as delicious as the tradicional

The word BBQ can be a nightmare for a vegetarian, isn’t it? After all, the name BBQ is traditionally linked to meat. But, for those who do not give up a BBQ, this is not a problem. After all, BBQ is a synonym of good times with family and friends, even when the protagonists are vegetables. And the result can be just as delicious as traditional Meat BBQ. Actually, in this ring there are no disputes and no winners, since there is no accounting for taste. There are even self-confessed carnivores who surrender to a good vegetarian BBQ, when the preparation is carefully done to give it the final touch, the unique flavour.

Some stars that can be part of the vegetarian BBQ: zucchini, eggplant, asparagus, corn, hearts of palm, mushrooms, carrots, potatoes. The list is long and the secret is to choose the seasonings well, a good extra virgin olive oil, garlic, onion, salt and black pepper to taste. To complete it is advisable to use a natural charcoal that does not produce flames and grills the food while maintaining its natural flavour, such as Ecotok. This way, the vegetarian BBQ is as tasty as it is healthy.


The option for a vegetarian BBQ is almost always allied to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

With the arrival of spring, the BBQ, be it vegetarian or traditional, is being more considered because of the possibilities of spending time outside, in the mountains or by the lake, combining the colourful vegetable BBQ flavours with the look of spring and a practical portable BBQ grill. In short, an authentic vegetarian-friendly BBQ in the middle of nature.

Finally, it would be unfair to leave out fruit from this grill, which is also delicious when grilled over the charcoals. By releasing their natural sugars they become caramelized: pineapple, pear, banana, peach, apple, etc. with cinnamon and raw sugar. Nobody can resist.

BBQ is definitely no longer a problem for vegetable lovers, and the proof is in the countless possibilities and combinations prepared over the heat of the embers.

Some people look
down on the vegetarian
BBQ. Only until they try
the first skewer with a
colourful and tasty combination.


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