Böögg: The biggest barbecue in switzerland

Zürich, Swiss city best known for being the financial center of Switzerland and one of the most important in the world, is also known for the charm of its lake surrounded by the Alps. Not only that, the Swiss city is also remembered for its mouth-watering premium chocolate industry.

What you may not know is that Zürich hosts an event every year that also makes your mouth water: Switzerland’s biggest barbecue. The Böögg takes place in the city’s main square as the beginning of spring. It is a kind of landmark that separates the Swiss winter, represented by the snowman, from the milder, colourful and pleasant season.

Each year during the third week of March, the beginning of spring in Europe, the natives of Zürich, and even tourists and people from other parts of the country, gather on the Sechseläutenplatz around a large bonfire, on top of which is placed the so called Böögg, which after burning, originates the biggest Swiss BBQ.


The character Böögg, a kind of scarecrow representing the ice man, is placed on top of a large bonfire before it is lit. When the fire reaches its peak and the ice man “melts” it is then the moment where many visitors have the first BBQ of the flower season.

With the embers still burning at the stake, young people and people of all ages take some of these embers and gather in various groups around Zürich’s main square, to roast their sausages on a kind of rustic and folk BBQ.

In short, a Swiss tradition that ratifies once again that barbecue is joy and always a good reason to gather friends and families around the embers.

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