Earth: We are caretakers, not owners

It is not news to anyone else that the Earth’s weather conditions have entered a kind of hurricane, to put it in the same terminology as a weather phenomenon. The Davos World Economic Forum, held annually in Switzerland, has now called the moment a Climate Catastrophe and no longer a Climate Emergency. This gives us an exact idea of our responsibility regarding consumption and preservation habits.

The Earth Summit organised last April 20 in the USA, took up this issue in a pragmatic way. The initiatives started in 1992, through Rio, Japan with the Kyoto Protocol, and France with the Paris Agreement. The outcome of the last Earth Summit 2021 seems to have created a more positive expectation about the results that we may have by 2030.

On the other hand, when we read or hear about these agreements, it all seems far from our lives. But the truth is that in our small, daily, constant actions, we can all make big and positive differences. This gives us the necessary motivation to create healthy habits for the planet, which therefore accounts for such carbon capture, instead of carbon emissions.


Many elements can contribute to reducing the harmful effects on the environment, the carbon footprint, even when we prepare our barbecue. The choice of meat, fish or poultry. Whether it is a vegetarian barbecue. The type of charcoal available: wood or recycled biomass. Including barbecue manufacturers and their environmental values. In fact, there are many aspects.

It is worth pointing out that an eco-responsible barbecue has nothing to do with losing the real aspect of this gathering that is pure fun with family and friends. Everything is a matter of habit. In issue #1 of this Blog we cited the many practical and sustainable advantages of Ecotok.

During the Covid19 pandemic we have learnt to take a more sanitary stance and assimilate new behaviours to preserve our health. Everything under pressure. Similarly, the planet, our home, has its limits. For some time it has shown us that changing habits to its preservation, gives us a last chance to change by choice. That is, without depriving ourselves of what we love most. After all, the world without BBQ is unimaginable, isn’t it?

Ecotok and Instituto Juruá have been united for life since 2019, either in the preservation of the largest freshwater fish in the world, the Arapaima, of the riverside dwellers who survive on its controlled fishing, as well as for the life of the flora and fauna of the largest tropical forest on the planet.


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