BBQ: Do you prefer well done, medium or rare?

Opinions can differ when it comes to the exact point at which meat should be cooked. But, one thing is certain: barbecue is good at any point, since there’s no accounting for taste. However, maintaining attention to detail can raise the level of your barbecue, such as the quality of charcoal as well as the BBQ grill.

One of the most important characteristics of Ecotok is that it is flameless, so it does not burn the meat, reminding that each type of meat has an appropriate shape and time required to be grilled at the desired point.

Another important detail is the choice of the barbecue itself, which can be with open or closed lid, with more precise control of temperature and ventilation. Aniva, a Turkish premium barbecue grill manufacturer, knows the importance of offering a high standard product, so it has developed models that are also environmentally friendly, some of which have won awards in Turkey and Germany.


Take beef ribs for example, a delicious meat that requires a long cooking time, at least 3 hours for the meat to be minimally pleasing to any palate. Another example, the Brazilian picanha (Brazilian Sirloin Cap), also a very tasty meat, but more flexible to reach the point or taste of any carnivore.

In fact, Ecotok may benefit all cuts of meat, including those of the above examples. In addition to flameless, after achieving its ideal temperature, Ecotok allows a quicker cooking of the meat, preserving an amazing flavour in.

If you are barbecue lover, no matter what the meat is, or if you are a chef or restaurant owner, you will both agree that rare meat is fixable – and has its adepts too. Burnt meat, however, is not.

Ecotok and Aniva offer a joint and complete BBQ solution, to make this moment unique and focused on what matters most: you, your family and friends having a good time in the right spot.


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