The UK national BBQ week celebrates its 25th anniversary

Next July, Great Britain will have two reasons to celebrate. The first is the 25th Anniversary of National BBQ Week. A unique and long-awaited date for British barbecue lovers. The second reason is the official opening of Summer in the region, around the embers of the barbecue. From north to south the BBQ is encouraged to be celebrated in homes, restaurants, pubs. Certainly a week that will taste differently this year.

An entire menu is designed from a BBQ point of view for National British BBQ Week: from meats of various kinds to traditional pork sausages, to fish and even the colourful grilled vegetables and fruits. There is nothing missing to welcome the greatest British BBQ.

And to crown this 25th Anniversary, chefs and BBQ lovers gather around the embers with good music, wine, cold beer and, of course, the good company of friends and family. After all, barbecue means joy and good memories.


After uncovering the barbecues that were covered during the Winter, Summer in Great Britain has a milestone not only in the calendar. National BBQ Week leaves such a wonderful smell in the air, full of unmistakable aroma of grilling. And it even changes the mood and the feeling of wellbeing, all because of the barbecue.

That’s why Ecotok, eco-friendly and premium brand of coconut shell charcoal, takes this date as an opportunity to greet all Brits: chefs and BBQ lovers who have been celebrating barbecue and life for 25 years.

We all know that Summer is the most anticipated season of the year, and for the British it is no different. Therefore, a week dedicated to welcoming the season of sunshine and joy, in the company of friends and family, makes this event one of the most important in the country. Cheers !

Ecotok, charcoal for life,
celebrates with the British
the 25th National BBQ Week.


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