Food like you have never seen. Or eaten

In recent times entrepreneurs have been launching themselves in the search for solutions that find, at the same time, authentic meat flavour, accessible cost to the consumer and preservation of the environment. Some companies in Israel and in the USA have found successful solutions, both in the red meat and poultry segments, having received important venture capital contributions. A sign that these entrepreneurs and their ideas can satisfy the most demanding palates and pockets.

The methods of manufacturing these meats range from, amazingly, 3D printing, in the case of beef, to a hybrid mixture of vegetable protein and cultured chicken cells, in the case of poultry.

For those who have looked down their noses upon these meat menu options, it is advisable to raise good expectations as conscientious carnivores and gourmands open to novelties and with discerning palates, have tasted and approved these disruptive proteins.


A lot! Starting with the way these meats are produced. Natural and ecosustainable ingredients that bring the same texture, flavour and color as meat. In addition, there is the water savings that meat produced in 3D can save.

The meat industry is considered one of the most inefficient on the planet. At a high cost, generating environmental liabilities to meet the growing demand for meat. Just to give you an idea, approximately 1 billion cattle are used to feed this growing demand, and whose animals (cows) consume more water than the entire population of the Earth.

One of the questions that come to mind is whether such meats are not only tasty, but also healthy. Its creators have already passed some of the most demanding tests and confirm that they have met high levels of demand in both aspects. There are those who don’t even notice the difference in a blind test.

Well, that doesn’t mean that overnight we’ll pass to the Age of the Jetsons (cartoon by Hanna-Barbera from the 70s), where in one of the episodes a pill is served inside a cloche, just like a meal.

On the other hand, it is good to know that there are options that target a real and growing problem on our planet, global warming, caused both by the demand for meat and by animal welfare that should be priority.

Ecotok, the charcoal for life, supports animal life and meat alternatives that are tasty, healthy and eco-sustainable.


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