Wagyu: the most expensive beef in the world

Wagyu is a breed of beef from Japan that produces what is considered the most expensive steak in the world. And, for many people, the tastiest. But what is Wagyu’s secret? Well, there are several. To improve the cattle’s digestion in Summer, some breeders offer beer to cattle. VIP treatment to say the least. But the pampering of the luxury cattle does not stop there.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Wagyu, also known as Kobe beef, which is considered the tastiest beef in the world. And the most expensive. A kilo of this Japanese steak costs at least US$70.

Wagyu literally means “Japanese ox”, and Japanese oxen generate meat interspersed with these veins of fat, which melt when placed on the grill, making the meat softer and more flavourful. But what makes the Japanese beef so full of fat? A few things, and here’s one of them: beer. Unlike proletarian oxen around the world, Wagyu is famous for receiving special treatment. To start, the Japanese ox doesn’t need to go after the food, which is brought to it every day directly in the stable. By the way, the fact that these cattle are not raised in large extensions of fields and do not move around a lot also contributes to the tenderness of the meat.

On hotter Summer days, the Wagyu lose their appetite, prompting some breeders to give beer to try to bring back the desire to eat. Anyone who has had a beer and immediately felt like eating a portion of peanuts or olives knows what the Wagyu are talking about. To keep the cattle from stressing, some breeders also give daily massages and play classical music while feeding the animals.


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