The best barbecues for the most demanding BBQ lovers

Whoever loves BBQ also loves talking about the subject and everything that revolves around this way of life. Be it meat, fish, chicken or even vegetables – the latter are also part of a carnivorous barbecue – everything fascinates anyone who is a BBQ fan. And precisely for this reason we at Ecotok, also BBQ lovers and this way of life, this time brought the subject from the perspective of the guides of the best restaurants and steakhouses in the world.

From the Middle East, the prestigious Time Out Guide brought in a recent 2021 edition, the ranking of the best steakhouses in Dubai. Among them are the Turkish icon Nusr-et, of the famous salt bae, who juggles to add salt to his “precious” and expensive barbecues. Another Turkish on the list is Baba, highly recommended by the same Guide. But the prestigious steakhouses don’t stop there: there is the well-known Brazilian Fogo de Chão, which has its network around the world, including Dubai, Europe and the USA.

The famous Michelin Guide, a reference even to the starred chefs of the best and most expensive restaurants in the world, also has its hand picked list. A selection of restaurants and steakhouses passes through Japan, a country that has unique grills in its cuisine, Argentina, a traditional barbecue country, Italy, France and the USA.


This subject is controversial and there is a lot to talk about. What is not controversial is that most BBQ lovers, even those who don’t have a charcoal barbecue, prefer grilling food. Even renowned kitchen chefs prefer charcoal to prepare their grills. It is all about flavour and texture provided to the meat when it is roasted over the charcoals.

Another undeniable factor is that more and more BBQ lovers and chefs alike are concerned with the environmental issue. Therefore, wood charcoal is also being questioned as a villainous energy source in the preparation of an ecologically correct BBQ.

Due to this gap, Ecotok, an eco-friendly and premium charcoal made from coconut shell biomass, instead of wood, has positioned itself as an effective, outstanding and tailored solution for those who do not give up on a charcoal barbecue eco-responsible, chefs or end-consumers. Its characteristics provide a high level BBQ for those who love grilling, whether at home with friends and family or in a starred restaurant elected by guides such as Michelin, Time Out, Traveller.

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