“blah, blah, blah”. Greta Thunberg

The Swedish activist has currently been one of the, let’s say, most active and respected voices when it comes to the environment. The famous expression she has been using lately has to do with her impatience and that of many people, professionals and companies who share the same opinion around the world: that there is no more time to waste by deferring the goals assumed by the countries at the COP (conference of the parties), which is held with the aim of reducing climate change.

And what does this have to do with our lives? Everything. For starters, regardless of the ineptitude of some, this does not justify our inactivity. And also for the countless climate changes that have increasingly shown the impact on our own lives, and what we can do effectively for the environment and, indirectly, for our preservation on the planet.

On the other hand, it is important to say: many companies and people have gone beyond empty speech, passing to the practice of environmental protection, whether through innovations, more responsible consumption habits, recycling raw materials and products, use of biomass in the manufacture of new products, etc, with efficiency and effectiveness.

And it is in these good examples of activism and conscious action that Ecotok has always looked as benchmark for engagement of its team and for delivering something else for a better, more balanced world. And, of course, without forgetting the expectations of barbecue lovers. At the end, both mindsets can live together in harmony.


Ecotok Blog is updated every month specially to our community that does not give up BBQ moments, always and furthermore has been more and more engaged on life preservation of the forest, the animals and supporting the people who work to make our world a better place, in surveillance to preserve the forest standing.

At the end gathering friends and family around the embers of a barbecue can live together with the eco-responsible awareness, using a premium quality and eco-friendly charcoal.

In summary, our Blog aims to bring topics of interest from the BBQ world, in a relaxed way, like a meeting between friends. At the same time, the Blog aims to be informative covering topics of interest to our community such as: meat, what’s new in grilling, the best places to eat grilled food, events in Europe and around the world on this subject, and much more.

Based on the expression that Greta Thunberg has used, including at COP26, our mission is to go far beyond its merely functional role as charcoal. We want to deliver more, reducing the impact of our activities. And, of course, socialize with our community, read their opinions, understand their desires, their habits and their emotions when hosting an eco-friendly BBQ with Ecotok.

Moving from the “blah blah blah” speech to
eco-responsible practice: this is Ecotok’s goal,
by supporting the preservation of the world’s
largest freshwater fish in the Amazon basin:


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