BBQ trade fairs are back in Europe

Europe will literally start lighting the embers from next March, for the barbecue trade fair season. Certainly with all the sanitary protocols recommended by the WHO and science, there are some trade fairs already confirmed in France and also in Turkey. One of them is the debut of the 1st Paris BBQ Show, an event that promises to open with a golden key the calendar of trade fairs in the sector, involving segments such as: restaurants, bars and hotels, breweries and distilleries, all with the due participation of chefs. The other trade fair, in Turkey, will be aimed at camping and outdoor leisure enthusiasts, which in one way or another is also part of the BBQ world.

And not only that: Barcelona will open the Catalan calendar of food trade fairs with Alimentaria in April 2022, where naturally the grill has a captive space, bringing novelties in the sector allied to restaurants, hotels, bars, and the like.

In the second half of the year, the traditional Spoga+Gafa, in Germany has one of the largest indoor and outdoor BBQ venues in Europe, which also brings trends and the rising commercial temperature in this sector.

Certainly the trade fairs linked to BBQ have been a thermometer to measure the temperature of the sector, but not only. They are also a pleasant time to meet friends, competitors, suppliers and, of course, customers and prospects to close deals.

Paris, the city of light, so traditional in trade fairs, could not resist the heat of the BBQ embers and for the first time will host an event of this nature. A milestone that certainly means a lot: the growth of this sector that brings together friends, good conversation, good drinks, and, without a doubt, good food. Who resists?


The trade fairs have seen their huge pavilions go silent due to the pandemic. And slowly they resume their activities with characteristics that make trade fairs what they are: a place for meetings, exhibitions, and a lot of business to the sound of buzzing, the smell of good food, especially when it comes to BBQ.

Ecotok has been present at European trade fairs in this sector in past editions, and after almost two years of interruption, due to the pandemic, it will return in 2022 with the embers burning bright.

So, if you are a BBQ lover, a chef, a restaurant owner, love grilling, and a business fair to make strategic alliances or simply to update yourself on the BBQ sector, get to know the news in the industry and keep up to date with things yourself, the calendar is packed for 2022. Prepare your bags, your palate, and, of course, be ready to explore the trade fairs.

An activity so essential to the
economy and business, resumes its
face-to-face activities. And of course,
the BBQ couldn’t be left out with a
high-style debut in Paris.


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