Barbecue in the land of Asterix

The French BBQ market has surprised all those who love to gather with friends and family to grill meats, vegetables, fruits, etc, and have a good time around the embers.

In 2021 alone, France had a growth above 10% in this sector, reaching €174 million in turnover, according to GfK, an European market research company.

The growth of BBQ in the French market has been taking place regularly for the last 5 years and has intensified thanks to the pandemic, which has caused the exodus of many citizens to rural regions of France. Added to this is teleworking, which has made more and more people adapt at home to carry out professional activities.

The models of barbecues that the French have acquired are mainly charcoal, but also gas, electric or even pellets, and the acquisition figures are also impressive: around 2 million barbecues are purchased annually since 2017, and with a trend growth toward the most sophisticated models.

The 1st Barbecue Expo in the City of Light

The year 2022 will be highlighted on the calendar by the holding of the First BBQ Expo in Paris, with the presence of great established brands and debutants in the sector – barbecue manufacturers, fuels, sauces, aprons, knives, accessories, etc, and everything in the BBQ world – coming not only from France, but also from the rest of Europe and North America. Three intense days that attracted professionals, the curious and BBQ lovers.

Ecotok was also present at the 1st Expo BBQ Paris, with the perception that more and more professionals and consumers are open to the consumption of eco-sustainable charcoal for BBQ. The days of the Expo were intense, opening up new opportunities for Ecotok to follow the sector’s high consumption trend in France and other European countries.

It is worth remembering that Ecotok is made from 100% coconut shell, biomass from the tropics that offers superior performance to traditional BBQ fuels in many features – calorific value, space for storage, more economical, stable and high temperature, flameless, etc – in addition to being eco-friendly.

The expansion of the French and European BBQ market has also literally increased the temperature and the demand for charcoal. For this reason, the Ecotok brand, present in France since 2009, is investing more to make the brand available to all French (and European) BBQ lovers. Surely a future with high temperature around the embers.




The 1st Expo BBQ Paris: an event
that underlines why BBQ has such
captive lovers. Business meetings
that are more like a meeting of
friends around the embers.


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