Motor home: a way to travel and live

During and after the pandemic, a trend has regained strength among those who love to travel in a different way, with a very particular style: the Motor home or Camping car. These vehicles, which are real houses on wheels, provide a unique way with more freedom to come and go to different places, whenever you want, taking your style and your favorite gear with you. And of course your family and friends as well.

Some prefer to purchase their own Motor Home to travel with comfort, their own decoration and everything else that can be customised in this type of vehicle. Others prefer to rent it when thinking about traveling with the family or even a group of friends, locally or to other countries. An exclusive adventure with many possibilities at different times of the year, regardless the season.

The pandemic intensified this style of living or traveling for many people around the world. Many who still did not know or were not users of Motor home, began to see this option as a comfortable way to be safe at a time when everyone felt afraid to spend so many hours in airplanes, to stay in hotels or other tradicional ways to travel.

As an example, some digital hosting platforms also started to offer Camping Car to those who were looking for freedom with security. Even expeditions running around the world in Motor Home are intensifying and gaining more and more fans.

Motor Home and Barbecue: Road friends.

And of course we can’t talk about Motor Home or Camping Car without talking about barbecue. After all, these houses on wheels have kitchens and everything else we can imagine when it comes to preparing food.

In France and Europe, as a whole, the Motor Home is traditional and has become sophisticated and has brought together not only families in search of an unique lifestyle. Friends who share the same idea when thinking about traveling and enjoying adventures together.

The Turkish barbecue brand, Aniva, for instance, with its know-how in the Camping Car sector, has intensified its focus to bring to all Camping Car and BBQ lovers a way to combine the useful with the pleasant. By the way, Aniva and Ecotok have get together to offer a practical and effective BBQ Solution for Motor home lovers.

It is interesting to note that the pandemic also intensified the number of barbecue lovers – in France, for instance they are currently nothing less than 63% of the population – which can be randomly concluded that the biggest health crisis experienced in recent times helped to intensify something so pleasant and ancient in humanity: the BBQ. And on the wheels of a Motor Home, there’s no denying that it becomes a complete adventure.


Aniva attended two Camping Car trade fairs in 2022, in Turkey.


Aniva attended two Camping Car
trade fairs in 2022, in Turkey.

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