Mega trends for sustainable living

Among consumers and companies, more and more attention is focused on social, environmental, ethical and moral issues. This turns into decisions framed by concerns for the environment, sustainability, animal welfare, production and work practices as well as goals to positively impact communities and people.

On the end consumers side, 60% are reducing their consumption of plastics and 46% of them are using sustainable packaging. These and other figures reported here are brought in 2022 through a worldwide survey carried out by Euromonitor.

On the side of brands (companies), 78% of them believe that climate change will affect demand for consumption. Investment in sustainability, by the way, is among the decisions of 73% of businesses concerned with the reputation of brands.

In relation to this positioning of companies, they have used some traditional channels of communication to inform their strategic decisions regarding sustainability such as: company website, social media, CEO pronouncements, and more recently through the packaging of products.

Some of the following attributes are considered for a better assessment of sustainability trends: animal welfare in its original habitat, products without artificial ingredients and chemical additives, sustainable packaging and renewable sources, just to name a few.

 Renewable sources and sustainable packaging.

Considering the mega-trends brought by the Euromonitor survey, it is important to underline that the raw material used in the production of Ecotok is 100% coconut shell, renewable and abundant biomass from the tropics of the planet.

At the same time, in terms of packaging, Ecotok has searched for better options for recyclable and sustainable materials, aspects that enhance the value proposition of the brand. By the way, 46% of global consumers buy products in sustainable packaging to have a positive impact on the planet, according to Euromonitor.

The expansion of the BBQ market has also literally increased the demand for charcoal, that is, for those who value a charcoal grilled barbecue. Therefore, in addition to already using coconut shell, Ecotok has been looking for new sources of renewable raw materials to create products for the BBQ market.

To summarize, some points must be considered by companies to obtain credibility in sustainability, among them: listening to consumers, identifying and following trends, adapting and innovating the portfolio, communicating through packaging, etc. Your opinion, whether you are a restaurant owner, chef or BBQ lover is, therefore, always welcome.


Mega sustainability trends will Increasingly emerge in a world where conscientious consumers and companies will stand out.


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