Paris and the art of BBQ


For the second consecutive year, Paris will welcome the Expo BBQ with the best in the world of barbecue: brands of all designs, portable and garden models, various types of fuel and the whole universe of items – accessories, sauces , seasonings, drinks, etc – that attract the public that loves this icon of outdoor gastronomy: the barbecue.

The first edition, in 2022, was such a terrific event that the organizers are expanding twice as much space in the 2nd edition of 2023, with the growth of exhibitors and a welcoming and convivial universe that is characteristic of BBQ.

Paris, the city of light and known for its cultural and artistic heritage, now also has one more reason to be visited and contemplated in the early spring: the art of BBQ.

Recognized chefs and BBQ specialists will be in the event for three whole days – Expo BBQ Paris 2023 will be held on the next 14th, 15th and 16th of April 2023, at Parc Floral venue – exhibiting their expertise on techniques and tricks of all foods that can win a special flavor when they are grilled: different types of meat, vegetables, fish, poultry, desserts, etc. Finally, foods that gain a unique and exquisite taste, especially when grilled over charcoal.

It will be three intense and relaxing days where the characteristic smell and flavor of the BBQ will perfume the air of Paris.


BBQ charcoal: Europeans’ preferred fuel.

Speaking of charcoal and barbecue, from time to time surveys are carried out by specialized companies to better understand the BBQ consumer universe. And, of course, which types of barbecues are most used, as well as the fuel preferred by BBQ lovers.

A couple of years ago, Idealo published ‘BBQ habits in the UK and Europe’, whose study showed that 70% of French consumers prefer charcoal for their BBQ. In Germany they are 73% and in Italy, 82%. Just to mention some examples of European countries where BBQ consumption is growing year after year.

It is for this and other reasons that Ecotok, a premium coconut shell charcoal for BBQ, sold exclusively in Europe and currently available in France and Switzerland, will attend once again the Expo Paris BBQ 2023. After all, more and more BBQ lovers as well as renowned chefs from French restaurants have tested and approved Ecotok. For the economy provided by this BBQ charcoal, for its high cooking performance, the reduction of space needed for storage it (1/3 less than regular charcoals). And, of course, for being an eco-friendlyproduct that contributes to the Juruá Institute Project in Amazon, which preserves the largest freshwater fish in the world, the Pirarucu (Arapaima), a project recently awarded by Rolex.





The figures of the BBQ Expo Paris are impressive and this is the proof that BBQ is growing more and more as an amazing option of amusement as well as a business opportunity in France and Europe.



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